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I am Monae Mallory.

I'm a licensed Cosmetologist who originally started creating looks for clients; including models and artists in beauty and fashion, beginning in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Born and bred of 2 fashion designers, I have consistently been face to face with creativity. I was accepted into a high school magnet program for Cosmetology, where I graduated with the ability to be Licensed Following high school, I decided to Study Fashion Design to be well rounded in my field. Using my experiences and my love for the arts, I began working in a salon, and I have been perfecting my crafts ever since.

I have worked with established designers, photographers, videographers, and models.

Some of my work has been featured in magazines, popular blog sites, and YouTube Channels such as PHOTO Joe Edelman. My work has also been featured on and in tradeshows across the world; more specifically Photo Plus and WPPI 2018 and 2019. ArtPop Street Gallery featured my work on a billboard in the Lehigh Valley for 2019. I have also been featured in news papers such as the Bethlehem Press and my work was in the Morning Call. Most recently, I officially opened "The Artistic Cove Salon" in the Bethlehem, PA area.

My love and passion for design continues to heighten as trends & techniques change constantly. I welcome new clients with the intent to educate them about hair care and makeup, so that they feel comfortable knowing that I speak from knowledge and experience. Also, so that they are able to maintain their hair's health & style once they leave my chair. I find so much joy in the smiles that I see when a client sees their completed look; from the youngest child, to the oldest individual. It is very important to me that my clients feel like their hair and makeup compliments them. I love that I can provide services that are both practical and artistic.  ―When you look good, you feel good! 

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Behind the Scenes
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