About Monae

Photo of Monae Mallory sitting on steps

I am Monae Mallory, a licensed cosmetologist and the owner of The Artistic Cove Salon in Bethlehem, PA.

I design and create unique looks for my salon clients, models, and artists in the beauty and fashion industries.

My experience with hair and makeup dates back to my childhood. Born and bred of 2 fashion designers in Baltimore, Maryland, I grew up surrounded by creativity as I began to explore hair design and makeup.

I had the honor of being accepted into a magnet program for cosmetology during high school. I then studied fashion design at the college level to add to my creative skillset.

Using my experiences and love for the arts, I began working in a salon right out of school and have been perfecting my craft ever since. I opened The Artistic Cove Salon in 2018.

In addition to my salon, I routinely work with established designers, photographers, videographers, and models. My work has been featured in magazines, popular blog sites, and YouTube channels. I have done creative work for Olympus cameras and worked with their ambassadors at tradeshows.

ArtPop Billboard - the 2019 Peoples Choice Award WinnerArtPop Street Gallery featured my award-winning work on a billboard in the Lehigh Valley for an entire year in 2019.

I have also been featured in articles published locally in the Bethlehem Press and Allentown Morning Call.

My love and passion for my work continue to grow as trends and techniques evolve. I take great pride in using these skills to design unique styles that complement every client who sits in my chair, from the youngest child to the oldest individual.

I also work with each client to educate them about best practices for their hair care and makeup so they can maintain their hair’s health & style once they leave my salon.

I find so much joy in the smiles I see when each client sees their finished look.

When you look good, you feel good!

Behind The Scenes